Service of business-centers

At the present time communication is the integral element of business life. Therefore providing the advanced telecommunication infrastructure by real estate objects strengthens their appeal for potential tenants.

UTeL.KZ organizes switching and provides a complex of modern telecommunication services for business centers of Almaty and Astana. The individual technological and price solution depending on a functional purpose and building scale is proposed to each client. High reliability and communication quality are provided with fiber-optical lines. UTeL.KZ makes delivery and installation of the telecommunication equipment from leading global manufacturers. All works, including design and installation of networks in the building are given “turnkey”, and switching of new tenants is carried out within three days.

Experience with large business centers in RK allows the UTeL.KZ team to use the matured skills for providing high level of service. Specially allocated engineer from UTeL.KZ deals with issues of maintenance of client infrastructure for the fastest response to needs of the client.