Complete solutions in information security

LLP «UTeL.KZ» is a partner of the world’s leading software, hardware and complete solutions in information security vendors.

  1. Protection of data centers;
  2. Protection of data and encryption;
  3. Database Protection;
  4. E-mail protection and web protection;
  5. Endpoint Security (DLP system);
  6. Management of personal data and access;
  7. Mobile Device Security;
  8. Network security;
  9. Risk & Compliance;
  10. Security management, SIEM;
  11. Protection of servers and data storage systems;

Advantages of working with us:

  1. Professional consulting and solutions in accordance with application tasks;
  2. Reliable delivery on a tight schedule;
  3. Flexible pricing policy with the possibility of 100% postpayment;
  4. A wide range of equipment in stock and on order;
  5. Prompt service of warranty cases;
  6. Availability of skilled technicians;
  7. Experience in the market more than 7 years;